Welcome to the City of Wausau's Online Licensing Portal

Here you can apply for or renew a license. The city is required to do criminal background checks on most license applications.

  • Pet License
  • Burn License
  • Operator/Bartender
  • Temporary Operator/Bartender

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Using Evolve to submit an online application is easy!

If this is your first time using the site, click "New Account" in the upper right-hand corner; a) Fill in the fields using your information and provide as much information as possible. b) Create a password on the same page and click "Save" c) If you are creating a new user account and you get the error stating your password is already associated with another account, then select the "Forgot Password" link and follow that process.

Click on "Apply for New License" on the left-hand side (if you have created a new account you will automatically be taken to this page after you have clicked the save button).

Select the license type from the drop-down menu and follow the prompts.

All the required fields are highlighted in yellow. You will not be allowed to save the application without filling in these fields. If you leave the page, then you will have to start the license application process over again.

There are several license types that may require additional items to be uploaded. If these items are required, the system will not allow you to move forward until these items are uploaded.

Once the application is submitted, payment may be required to proceed with processing. You may pay online (PayPal), or by check at City Hall; please make check payable to the City of Wausau.

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